nobody imagines how you can get to feel inside ... and it's just that nobody loves you, nobody would give you what you deserve, whenever someone is by your side, go out with you, laugh with you, or sometimes listen to you is just because he needs something from you or something of you suits him.

It is so difficult in these times to find love, that someone shares his adventures with you, that he expresses himself with you, that you tell him how he was his day or simply lie down on the grass to decipher the shapes of the clouds.

the only thing I have found in these 20 years that I have is that they destroy my heart, and although I try to be optimistic, someone always comes to my life that comes back and completely destroys me ... it's bad to be stupid sometimes and believe that someone If you would like to share your life with me, everyone can see me as a good person but you can not imagine how broken I am inside, how lonely I feel and the desire to disappear that I have and sometimes I think he lived in this city of shit by obligation, but I always have faith that something good happens to me even if it's not love, even if it's just a momentary happiness that makes me fly for a few minutes, hours or maybe months, and in the darkness of my room I just think that I should love myself As no one ever did, it is super power that I have greater is the knowledge that I myself will not destroy me even if I can do it.