Hello, the article of the day will focus on the 5 lessons I want my children to learn from me:
"5 lessons you want your children to learn from you"

  • The Golden Rule: is the principle of treating of treating others as one would wish to be treated.
  • The thirst for discovery: the curiosity it one of the things most important in the life.
  • bravery & yolo: it's so important because he'll have the courage to undertake new things, to create projects, to trust himself, enjoy every moment of his life, live every day as if it were the last.
  • Fight for what you want and what you think is the right thing.
  • Stop caring what the people think of you: everyone is different, don't worry about others' eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this article.
I apologize in advance if I made spelling mistakes, I'm French.