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One Tree Hill

I started to watch One Tree Hill when I was probably in the 5th or 6th grade, mainly based on the fact that I knew that was what the high school girls at my school watched. After that, One Tree Hill quotes frequented my facebook feed, as I posted them as my status. I still do love this show, I appreciate the high school episodes more than the ones after the time jump but it is nice to have a look in the life's of my favorite characters as adults. Season 1 is still my all time favorite, it really puts the character progression into perspective. How angsty Peyton was, how mean Nathan was, how selfish Brooke could be.

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My So Called Life

A show that I think may have been ahead of it's time and ended much too early. I think this show illustrates what having a crush and discovering yourself while in high school is really like.

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Laguna Beach

Okay, so it's a reality show but it was so addicting to me. Another show that I believe season one is the best. Stephen was literally like the lead character of a tv show, just by living his life. Like he had all the traits, super cute and he was kind of playing both of the girls in his life but you couldn't be mad at him for it because he did it in a way that seemed like he didn't actually know he was hurting them. I honestly can't decide if I would be on Lauren or Kristen's side in all of this. Lauren comes off as the sweet one, but at somepoints it kind of seems like it may all just be an act. Kristen may seem like a bitch at times, but at least she was honest and upfront about it.

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Stranger Things

So obviously I watch a lot of shows but usually I do space them out a little, but Stranger Things I always have to binge watch. I can't make myself wait with this show. The 80's nostalgia is great, and the fact that they treat their younger characters like actual 12 year olds, instead of dumbing them down like some shows do, is good. I'm personally okay with Nancy and Steve and Nancy and Jonathan, I love them both, I can't decide.

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The Carrie Diaries

I love seeing Carrie's fashion in this and I love how driven she is. Mainly I love Carrie and Sebastian though, Sebastian Kydd is just so smooth, that's all there is to it.

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The O.C

I relate to Seth Cohen so much and I want to marry him. He made the show for me. That's not to say there weren't other good parts, because I really enjoyed all of it. But Seth and Summer forever.

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American Horror Story

This show has some of the best actors/actresses in the business right now. All the seasons are good in their own respects but nothing tops Murder House for me. Coven is good when you need some girl power in your life. I mean they put Stevie, the white witch herself, in this season. Also I think we all loved to hate Madison Montgomery.

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I didn't necessarily think that I would like Narcos, but a friend convinced me into watching it one day. From then on, I was hooked. This show always keeps you entertained and you may even learn a little history from it.

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So far, I've only watched the first season so I don't really know anything about season 2 yet. Jughead is my favorite character and I love him and Betty together. This love triangle reminds me a lot of Dawson's Creek. Like how you think you want Dawson and Joey together but then they put her with Pacey, and you're like, I like this so much better! I feel that way about Archie and Betty, once they put Betty and Jughead together. I also love Veronica's attitude.

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Friday Night Lights

For starters, Tim Riggins is the man. I love Tim and Lyla together, although it is unfortunate how they started. I got my brother and dad into this and then they loved watching it with me. The documentary style made this show seem so much more authentic than others in its genre. I feel like it gave a true southern small town point of view.

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As I've mentioned, I love Donald Glover. I think he comes off as so lovable. This show is equal parts comedy and drama, and it does better at both than most other shows. The parody commercial episode will have you dying laughing along with the interview skit.

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Freaks and Geeks

It's hard to pick a favorite anything to me, just because things are hard to compare. for instance, it's hard for me to pick a favorite tv show because it's hard to compare the comedy shows to more serious ones. But, when people ask me my favorite tv show ever, I usually say Freaks and Geeks. This show jumpstarted the careers of some of the biggest people in Hollywood today. Jason Segel as Nick Andopolis will be one of my all time crushes until I die. Also, this is one of Judd Apatow's earlier works and I love almost everything he does. I could rewatch this one season over and over and over. It makes me sad that there is only one season but at the same time, it never got the chance to be ruined or go down hill over time, just one season of perfection.

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Everything Sucks

I watched this because people were comparing it to Freaks and Geeks. It starts off a tad cheesy, but develops well. By the end, I loved it. The soundtrack is awesome and obviously, very 90's. But just like Freaks and Geeks, this show has now been cancelled after one season which is honestly a shame.