Hey everyone.
It's my first post here on WHI! Hope you all enjoy! :) <3

Growing up I always believed that the key to happiness was for someone else to love me. I didn't realize that true happiness came from within, from being happy in my own skin. I learnt that self acceptance is the first step to achieving my goal.

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Learn to be comfortable with yourself and find comfort in your thoughts.
People aren't always going to be there to listen to you or give you advice.
Advise yourself, listen to your gut...it will never be wrong.

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You are your own best friend

Tell yourself that its okay to be alone sometimes.
It helps with the process of understanding yourself.

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Believe you can fly...and you will

And always remember, no one can ever truly make you happy or add to your happiness unless you yourself are content and happy in your own space.

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Choose Happy
Best Wishes <3 <3 <3 Ellimak :)