I found out there was an accident during the football game last night. I was there, but I was too occupied ripping the clothes off of Damien. I'm almost positive that's his name. He's a football player, but sprained his wrist so he couldn't play. What I am positive about is he's a great kisser and sex against a tree is worth the splinters. I'll be keeping him around for a while.

Image by Brutal Fantasy

I saw flyers all around the walls and doors for cheerleader tryouts. I decided to try out since it'll introduce me to more people. Specifically, jocks. And, no surprise to me, I fucking made the cheerleading squad. Next is Varsity, then I'll be cheer captain. I don't want anyone in charge of me. I want to be at the top. I want to be the best there is at anything and everything I do.

I spend a lot of my time at the gym. Instead of killing people, I do mixed martial arts. My aunt claimed it would teach me discipline.

I passed Luna and Ivy in the hall. "Congrats, cheerleader!" Luna called out. I looked at her over my shoulder and gave her a half smile. I wasn't thankful for her praise. When her two day drunk mess self stumbled into the gym, it gave me a reason to dislike her more. Grayson told me he dreamt of her. I was fucking pissed off. He tried to act nonchalant, but I could read the eagerness in his body language. He liked her. He never acted that way around me.

Riley is the sensitive, innocent girl with the perfect life. I've always had that against her. I didn't like Luna much because she wasn't afraid of me. I wasn't able to really get a reaction out of her. She'd fight back, too. I know that because we've fought physically twice. One time she was defending her sister, and the second, herself.

Now the guy I like, likes her.

What happens when the guy helping me not kill someone is the cause to the issue?