He began approaching her with steady steps that barely created a whisper, seeing that he was barefoot. He towered over her and a dark shadow clouded her figure. He was now confident she could feel his breathing on her delicate neck.

She veered her head around in an eye blink. He was so close that her nose almost touched his sternum; with him being a head taller. She craned her neck up to peer at his hazel eyes. With a second's delay she realized their close proximity.

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"Eek-" she squeaked and tried to move backwards, but his hand was fast to wrap around her waist, bringing her even closer than they were before. She was now leaning against him while he so shamelessly held her. He noticed she was mindful over his wound as she avoided reclining on him too much to keep her balance; instead she grabbed his arm to keep steady.

They stared down at each other. It appeared to be a staring contest with no winner whatsoever. "Watch it... You don't want to get burned now, do you?" He whispered with a smug smile. He was enjoying her reaction. Her eyes shifted slightly as she understood but didn't speak. She placed a tense hand on his bare sternum, still being mindful over the bandaged part, and impelled him to back away from her with a gentle shove.

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