Oh hello there its Wissal nadir 16yo pretty basic girl living in Casablanca , they said I’m depressed whatever. People has been asking me why you are depressed and what are u thinking about , I don’t know why this so important for them it doesn’t matter at all for me , im good so good and I don’t care if people has been looking at me every time . I don’t know why people want to be depressed and sad and deep this is bullshit man be yourself stop victimizing yourself just for attention if u want attention u can just love yourself and stop looking for people who ignore you. Personally I just want to be safe ,they said I throw myself by the window but I cant remember it and I’m moving with a wheelchair and has been giving me attention just because I pity them and I really don’t like that just act normally with me im good I don’t need your love or your attention. Sometimes I don’t feel good like I feel empty not happy obviously and not even sad at all it seems weird at first but with time it becomes normal, cause people have to know that were not happy all the time we have to feel weird or sad sometimes cause this is life not heaven , pain is part of human being. Most of the time my dad is not here so I stay strong, grl u have to be strong no matter what it is life is a competition fight and don’t stop , sometimes youre tired but it doesn’t mean youre done. ly