We start the week with retrograde Jupiter sextiling Pluto the effects of which may be felt for the whole week. On the 17th, we have Venus opposing Jupiter and trining Pluto.

Also on the 17th, Chiron, the wounded healer, enters the sign of Aries, and Saturn stations, before turning retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn.

We have just had Mercury station and go direct after its retrograde period, although the shadow period will extend until the 3rd of May, so you may have some communication muddles to deal with yet.

On the 18th we have the Sun conjuncting Uranus in the sign of Aries before the Sun enters the sign of Taurus on the 19th. Near the end of the week, Mars is coming up to sextile Jupiter and Pluto stations, getting ready to retrograde again. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

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This may be a good time for you at work, although you may find yourself wrestling with some dilemma related to ethics or morals at this time too. Issues related to others people’s money; whether this is shared resources with a partner, an inheritance, taxation, insurance or a lending institution may be good for you at this time. This may have you feeling upbeat and in the mood to spend some money, just make sure that you don’t go overboard as your tendency to overspend is greater at this time. Midweek you come across as dynamic and innovative and then just as quickly you will be wanting to knuckle down and start conserving your money a little more.


Are you and your partner a little at loggerheads when it comes to some big picture issue or philosophy? It may even be something as simple as you both can’t agree on where you want to travel to at this time. If so, you may find that this week helps to alleviate things a little in that regard. The relationship with your partner, in general, is likely to be more upbeat and fun at this time, and you may even end up exhausting yourselves in some way, although I doubt either of you will have any complaints. Private concerns or emotional issues that you have been working on over the last month may have you experiencing an epiphany of sorts midweek.


Your health and day-to-day routines are likely to get a big boost in some way this week. For others, it may be in the arena of your work that you find that you suddenly seem to have a green light in many areas. Some may be in the throes of a secret romance at this time and it may be this that has your heart pumping faster and feeling good about yourself. Catching up with friends, groups you belong to and networking events are likely to go well at this time and you are seen as forward-thinking, innovative, and maybe even brilliant. As the week draws to a close, you may be feeling more tired than usual, and over the next month is a great time to withdraw a little from the hectic pace and recharge your batteries.


What a great time this is likely to be for you and your partner, romantic interest, children, or in relation to a hobby or creative project you are involved with. Those that are in a relatively new relationship may find that they are propelled forward at this time and may find themselves at a whole new level. Those that are single may find that a friend, or someone they know through a group they belong to might suddenly become so much more interesting this week. Midweek there may be some surprises in store for you in your career, although you are likely to come through this smelling like a rose. The next month sees you mingling more with friends, attending more groups and networking more.


Home is where the heart is and this week you are likely to find that redefining your daily routines and taking care of your health is easier when things are going smoothly in the home. While interactions with co-workers are likely to be smooth at this time, too much time spent on home or family concerns could have you falling down a little when it comes to your career. Study or traveling are still areas that have the lion size of your interest at this time, but the next month is going to require you to settle down and work more. Not to worry though, midweek is likely to have you ablaze with all sorts of great ideas about how you can have your cake and eat it too.


Communications remain a very big part of your week and are likely to go well for you at this time. You are excited about plans involving your children, loved ones, and creative or sporting projects at this time. You are interested in learning all you can about new subjects, especially if they have a philosophical bent or are about different countries or cultures. Some may be so interested because they have recently fallen for someone who lives at a distance from them. Money matters are also very much on your mind at this time, and you may find that a new source of income or money becomes available to you midweek. For others, the funding you were expecting may suddenly dry up. Over the next month, higher learning, travel and legal matters are likely to take up more of your time.


Money may be good for you at this time, although you could be a little conflicted about it in some regard. Money may come to you via your home or family, but you may wish that things did not have to come to this point. Financially you may be feeling somewhat unbalanced and could find yourself overspending. It may be in relation to your home or family that you need to borrow more, and in this regard you are likely to be successful. For some, inheritances or money from a partner may be there for you when needed. Midweek, surprises in relationships are likely and may have you feeling upbeat and excited about the direction it is heading in. Over the next month, deeper intimacy and bonding with your partner are possible.


This is likely to be an exciting time for you and maybe a time when ideas, plans, and schemes that you have been nursing come to a point where they are feasible. You may need to watch that you do not become too possessive of your partner early in the week. Deep and meaningful conversations are likely to have you feeling closer to your significant other though and the next month will have you very much focused on your relationships in general. Some good news in relation to your job or regarding your health or fitness may take you by surprise midweek.


Personal issues that you have been nursing may find an outlet in some way this week. Particularly when it comes to money, you may find that you have some breakthrough in this regard early in the week. Work may improve at this time, although you may find that there is just too much for you to take on at this time, and yet, you are unwilling to forgo the opportunities available to you at this time. This is very much a case of you making hay while the sun shines. Your children or a loved one may have a surprise for you midweek, or it could be in relation to a creative project that you have some unexpected news. Over the next month, work and your health and fitness are where your focus is likely to be.


Friends are likely to be huge cheerleaders for you at this time and have you feeling more motivated towards achieving your goals. While time spent with friends is fun and invigorating at this time, there can be a tendency to overindulge in too much of a good thing when in their company early in the week. This is a wonderful time to explore your more creative side or spend time with loved ones, including your children. Midweek there may be some surprise in store for you from a family member or in relation to your home. The next month is likely to be a time when you can take out more time for yourself and the activities that you enjoy.


Your ingrained attitudes regarding your career could get a little boost early in the week, having you feel more positive and capable of what you hope to achieve. You may find yourself having some trouble maintaining a work/life balance at this time though. Family relationships are likely to be intense but positive this week. You may receive some expected news that has you rethinking some of your plans midweek. Over the next month, you are likely to be spending more time and attention on your home and family.


Far horizons and higher study are very much on your mind at this time. Many will be wanting to incorporate more schmoozing with others that can assist them in their career objectives at this time. You are charming at this time, and draw others to you easily, but may need to watch that you do not overestimate your abilities or knowledge early in the week. There may be some unexpected news in relation to finances or your possessions midweek. Over the next month, many of you will be looking to take up some short course of study or will be out and about more in your general neighborhood.