Hey guys! Welcome to my "Get to know me." article.

I'm extremely new here but nevertheless, i thought i'd join in and write my own article. Why? I feel like my readers, followers should get to know me more.

I am an author on the Wattpad app, and it's what i love to do. Romance is definetely my thing!

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I also like to travel around the world. I've been to many places, but my bucket list is still huge!

My favourite thing to do would deffo be to read books, especially Mills & Boon dare collection! If your into erotic books then i highly suggest you check them out!

Rupi Kaur is my favourite person to read, she's amazing. Her poetry is outstanding!

_ he moved her hand, between her legs and whispered, make those pretty little fingers dance for me

Im from the UK, Wales.
Im eighteen, blonde hair, blue eyes and 5 ft 5.

I will be leaving a link below for my Wattpad, for those who love to read. I write romance, bdsm novels and erotica. If your easily offended by that then please don't read. <3

Last but not least..
I'm an organ donor!

Thanks for reading, angels.