Addison agreed to get me more of those pills. Since that night I've been craving them. We planned to meet at the game tonight. The night of the party I stumbled in on Levi and Tyler groping and kissing each other. It was weird. I'm not homophobic or anything, but if my parents found out, they'd ban me from hanging out with him. That incident led me to these heavenly pills so I guess I'm okay with accidentally entering that room. If they only knew their son was going to buy drugs.

I walked behind the bleachers and waited for Addison. A few minutes later she walked over. "Told you you needed them," she said. I gave her money and she gave me my pills. I took one and put the vile in my backpack. "Let's watch the game together," she said. She seemed to always find her way to me. She touched me a lot too which made me think she liked me more than platonically. My eyes were set on Cora, though. Whether or not I actually stood a chance with my dream girl didn't matter at this point. I took her offer and followed her up the bleacher steps. As soon as we sat down I felt the high kick in. My mouth was numb, my legs felt like jelly and I was content with life at this moment. The cheerleaders were doing twirls in mid air and that's when the tragedy occurred. One girl went up and took another girl with her on her way down. The crowd gasped, including Addison. I was too high to react outwardly. "Too bad Ivy wasn't one of them," Addison said coldly. The coaches called for help and the girls were transported by ambulances to the hospital. The game was over. Two cheerleaders down, but our football team won.