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I had fifteen minutes to spare so I decided to spend it in the library. I walked down one of the isles and saw Riley sitting by the window reading. I asked Tyler about her the first time I saw her. I see them hanging out often. He said she's shy but nice. Normally not my type, but for some reason I'm drawn to her. It was pure luck when she decided to sit on my sweatshirt at that party. I've been trying to find a reason to talk to her. I've been thinking about her since our conversation got cut short. I had nothing to lose so I decided to walk over to her.

"Hey," I said. She looked up from her book and smiled. " are you?" she said. I was relieved when I felt like she wanted to talk to me too. "I'm doing alright. Was gonna study for history, but got distracted," I said. Distracted by your presence. "Oh," she replied, sitting up. "I'm really good at history...I can help you if you'd like." This was working out way better than I expected. I got game, psh. I looked at my watch. 5 minutes until the bell rings. "I'm not going to have enough time today, but how about tomorrow during lunch?" She nodded, "I can do that." I didn't really need a tutor. I had a B- in the class. I am on the football team, though, and if you go below a C, you get kicked off. But if it took me pretending to be worse at a subject than I actually am to spend more time with her, I'd do it. "I appreciate it," I said. "I hope you'll be at the game later. I need a good luck charm." I realized how corny that sounded after I said it. Since when was I corny? Was I coming on too strong? She smiled and looked down. The bell rang and she was gone.