My lovely Ronabes,

it´s the first time I am reaching out to you and for this first time I also wanner thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best followers on earth.

The reason why I am writing this article is that I have a great idea I want to share with you. I know there are so many out there who might not be happy with who they are and so many of you that scroll through social media pages to get inspired for who they want to become. It´s not always easy to be yourself when there are thousands of people who you rather like to be. But remember: YOUR superpower is that nobody else in this world is like you. You are all wonderful in different ways. You have your strengths and weaknesses and it is good how it is. Sometimes you might have the feeling to change something in your life. If this change has something to do with your fitness and your health then you are exactly in the right place at the right time.

I want to do my personal challenge together with you! And you can start your personal challenge together with me! We start our personal challenge individually but together!! How does that sound?

The plan is to start today a better, healthier and more sporty life. Everybody can follow their own plans (start with a walk, eat less sweets, drink more water, etc) and if you feel lost with this task, I will help you and guide you.

From today I will post every week, for a certain time, one article to let you know what I ate the last week and what workouts I have done. You can follow this and start your own challenge with me. We will do it together and support each other. If you feel not motivated enough, scroll through my fitness page and you will gain some inspiration.

This is a challenge you decide what you want to do. And if you like this idea, join me today with this journey. Everybody has the opportunity to star their own challenge. And even if you are not feeling to do this right now, start later and get inspired by the story.

Lovely Ronabes, let´s start together our journey. Every single one of you is strong and beautiful and I hope you like this idea. Enough words for today, let´s start a new chapter of our healthy lives.

See you next week for my first chapter.

LOVE, Ronabe