Hello, angels!!
I'm back with another article, the ABC tag! Hope y'all like it <3

A - Age

brown, sixteen, and numbers image Temporarily removed

B - Best Movie
Pirates Of The Caribbean

jack sparrow, johnny depp, and pirates of the caribbean image moon, ship, and sea image

C - Current Time
18:08 PM

D - Drink You Last Drank
Apple Shake

fruit, food, and summer image shake, computer, and iphone image

E - Everyday Starts With
A small walk to freshen me up

city, light, and people image Temporarily removed

F - Favorite Song
Corazon - Maluma

heart, crown, and light image beautiful, boy, and brazilian image

G - Grossest Memory

H - Height
5 feet 7 inches/ 170 cm

I - In Love With
Words, sunsets, nature, art, music & God <3

blue, bridge, and city image Temporarily removed flowers, nature, and mountains image god and love image

J - Jealous Of
no one, really

K - Killed someone?
hahah nope

L - Last time you cried
last night

M - Middle name
don't have any

N - Number of siblings

funny, siblings, and lol image
funny, growingupwithsiblings, and siblings image

O - One Wish
fall in love with myself, stop comparing myself with others!

quotes, enough, and you image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 quotes, gold, and baby image Temporarily removed

P - Person you last called

Q - Question you're always asked
"Why don't you socialize?"

social, black and white, and quotes image Image by asool chill, decor, and decorations image etsy, introvert, and one inch button image

R - Reasons to smile
because you've got friends/family who care about you, books, nature, and nobody can be you! you're special!

quote, you, and life image beautiful, blue, and botanical image Image removed love, hands, and couple image

S - Song you last sang
Ghost - Halsey

Inspiring Image on We Heart It halsey, grunge, and sad image

T - Time you woke up

coffee, breakfast, and morning image girl, aesthetic, and coffee image

U - Underwear color (LOL. Seriously?)

V - Vacation Place
Chefchaouen - Morocco & Meteora - Greece

morocco, places, and view image morocco, blue, and travel image meteora, Greece, and trip image travel image

W - Worst habit
Caring too much, getting attached quickly and procrastinating.

quotes, words, and inspiration image pink, grunge, and quotes image Mature image dreams, hard work, and now image

X - X-rays you've had
i dont even remember.
never maybe

Y- Your favorite food

food, Chicken, and yummy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed
i dunno..im a foodie

Z - Zoo animals you like

animal, tiger, and jaguar image elephant, animal, and nature image flamingo, pink, and animals image Temporarily removed

That's it!! hope you all liked it!

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