Dear you,
here we are at the fourth appointment with this positive rubric, enjoy the reading ;)

Let's start!

➸ Luna Park

adventure, blue, and favorite image fun, people, and Roller Coaster image Image by BlackStar💫 Image by Deea-x \m/
amusement parks are okay too, what really matters is to have fun

➸ Moon

moon, eclipse, and aesthetic image moon, ocean, and sea image moon, sky, and night image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
it gives me hope

➸ Love

couple, love, and kiss image love, aesthetic, and mood image couple, love, and kiss image Image removed
love love love, haven't you tried it yet? don't be scared it will come for you too, it always comes!

➸ Pets

cat, cute, and animal image animal, cute, and bunny image cat, animal, and kitten image dog, puppy, and cute image
animals in general, they're there for you when no one else is

➸ Shopping

Image removed aesthetics, building, and fashion image gucci, fashion, and bag image Temporarily removed
it doesn't have to be expensive, you have to like it, that's what really matters

That's all, see you soon♥


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