why do i even love him
why do i care

he had my heart, taked care of it, loved it, hold it, did everything to make it feel good, and then, when it trusted him 100%, gave him everything he wanted, he broke it, in a million pieces, and flushed it away.

'i changed, you're being annoying' 'i don't need you, pls kill yourself dumb ass bitch'
i was there for him, ALWAYS. when he was sad, when he wanted to kill himself, when everyone let him down, when everyone hated him, when he was happy, when he ignored me because the 'cool' people were talking to him, when he hated me, when he did need me, when he didn't need me....' like i said, always.
i have a million reasons to hate him, but i act like i'm over him, when i actually am dying inside, i still love him.

he maked me feel alive, i never felt that good.

he doesn't deserve me, i deserve a lot better and i actually hope that he sees what he did, misses me and comes back to me. i hope i'm strong by then and say that i don't love and need him anymore - even when thats not true- but i actually think that i fall for him again. i don't know why but he has something that just gets me.
when i see him i just don't know what to say anymore, he is so pretty and cute. WHY AM I EVEN THINKING THIS, HE DOESN'T DESERVE ME.