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❤️ by heart I am...

a 2am dreamer or a sound sleeper

The moment I most enjoy of the day is, undoubtedly, the night. With all the stress of day to day, with school, confusions and even being with friends, it is tiring. So you know very well, being alone in my bed while doing things I really like. I read, I listen to music, I see articles here on We Heart It and I think. I love to think about the future, what can happen tomorrow, everything! So I consider myself to 2am dreamer.

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reckless or reliable

Reliable. My friends trust me and always tell me their problems, because they know that I will not tell anyone and that I give good advice. I think a lot before doing things and I really like it because I have less tendency to do stupid things.

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a garden grower or a forest explorer

This one without a doubt, a forest explorer I have a huge forest behind my house and I love to go there from time to time to relax and I love when I see squirrels, they are so dear! Nature is such a beautiful place and I think we should enjoy it more!

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a newspaper or a colouring book

I find newspapers very annoying, no color, just give us sad news, so I choose colouring book. I am passionate about drawing and painting. It turns out to be a way I find to carry my emotions. If it's a sad day, I'll do a black and white painting and if it's a brighter day, I'll bet on bright colors.

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the astronaut or the moonchild

Well ... Maybe astronaut! I don't have a specific reason right, maybe I like the facts of them hahaha. Okay, I think they do an excellent job and they are very brave because I would not have the guts to leave this planet and go into space.

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young at heart or an old soul

I consider myself a bit of both. Because in certain aspects I am adept at changes but in other cases I am very traditional.

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a romantic or a realist

In this case I am very romantic. I believe in love at first sight and in couples who are happy forever. I love when in a relationship they offer flowers and chocolates, I am an incorrigible romantic.

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a cloud gazer or a star chaser

A star chaser. As I said earlier, I am passionate about the night, so nothing better than watching the stars and thinking about life. I'm so in love with stars that in the summer I even discovered most of their names. I really think, that every star keeps a secret and sometimes I wonder what it might be!

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a mountain or an ocean

Mountain. I think they are the most beautiful things that exist on the planet. I always wanted to climb to the top of a mountain and scream. I think the mountains give us enormous freedom.

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the artist or the muse

Here, I think I can fit in both. Because I am a creative person, who loves to draw and take pictures but also love being photographed and listening to music.

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❤️ by heart I love or choose..

sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

This is so hard, but I choose sleeping beneath the stars,
I love being in calm places, I love the night (as I said a thousand times) so I would have a perfect night if I slept in the open.

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flying to the moon or swimming to Atlantis

I choose swimming to Atlantis. Given that I don't see myself leaving this planet, I would find it fun to swim at Atlantis. Although I hate to swim, but ready, let's visit the world of fantasy hahaha.

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polaroid pictures or handwritten letters

This is so difficult, I love writing and I also love taking pictures. I choose polaroid pictures. The photos themselves are so dear and so beautiful and it's a much faster way to get the photos.

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barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in Paris

I choose exploring rooftops in Paris. Paris is one of my dreams destinations, so it would be an unforgettable experience to visit rooftops in the city of love.

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summer nights or city lights

I choose summer nights. As I live near a forest, I have lots of crickets all around me during summer nights. It's such a fun thing to be at night in my garden and listen to the crickets and fireflies. Not to mention the hot weather which is great.

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paintings or poems

I choose paintings. I'm terrible with poems, I do not like to write them and I do not like to read them, because I never understand much. In relation to the paintings I can carry all my feelings, which helps me immensely.

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rainy days or stormy nights

I choose rainy days. I love being at the window during the day, while it rains outside, I feel protected. On those rainy days I love being cozy at home.

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vintage postcards or antique telescopes

I choose vintage postcards. My aunt traveled across countless countries, from Brazil to Japan, and she left all the postcards in a box. Whenever I remember I love to review all of them, because as they are already old, they give you a vintage air, so I hope to do the same with my children or grandchildren.

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constellations or conversations

I choose constellations. I already said up there that last summer I learned many constellations and I am addicted to stars. Despite having good friends, I prefer a time alone to see constellations.

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déjà vu or nostalgia

I choose nostalgia. I know it may be weird, but I've never had a déjà vu in my life, so I prefer nostalgia. Whenever I feel nostalgia, I think of the good moment I've been through and it feels so good.

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