Hey, I'm a French girl, I have just turned 17 and have never traveled in my life, this is...like my main dream. I just want to go all around the world so bad. So I wish that one day I will, because that must be the best thing ever.
Anyway, so there are so many countries that I want to visit but I will try to choose only 5, it's gonna be difficult haha. I don't know if anyone has already done this kind of article so I'm sorry if I don't mention you.
By the way, this is my first article so please be indulgent.
Let's go!

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(I want to visit asia in general)


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Okkk! so that's it, I know it's not very interesting because it's just pictures but the world is just so beautiful so...and to be honest I don't really know what to say about the country haha.
Also, a lot of pictures that I take are from famous places but don't worry I know that there are many beautiful places who are not known and a country can't be summarized in 4 pictures.
I hope you all enjoyed it, bye! ☽