u pushed me to breaking point and now I’m broken. and its too late to decide you care now. its too late to realize maybe u did damage me because whats the use in it now. i’m already gone. there is nothing left in me for you to stop. and now i'm finally doing what you wanted, you can see how backwards it is. how unrealistic it is. how wrong you were. and now you encourage me to get out of the house. but you never used to let me leave. why couldn’t you have realised you’re impact before it broke me. now i’m nothing. now i’m no one and i could have been everything. you can’t fathom how happy i would be if you just let me do a thing or do. now i look back on the past few years and all i remember is being miserably alone. thats not much a life. and i will never get it back.
and in the last few months, something snapped inside of me and now i'm different and we both know it. maybe you know you broke me, maybe you don't. either way you did and it's all your fault. you fucked me up. all of it up.