Anger, sadness, fear, disgust.
I feel it all.

I could scream right now
I should scream right now.
I will scream.
I will scream at you.

I feel them.
I feel them coming.
I feel the tears behind my eyes sting.
I feel the tears roll down my cheeks.

I hear what you think.
I hear what you do.
I hear about how you feel.
But not because you tell me.
I have to hear it from our friends.

I care to much.
I worry about you.
I wanna know about you.
I wanna talk to you.
Even when I’m mad af.

I want to tell you.
I should tell you.
Tell you how I feel.
Tell you what you did wrong.
Tell you why I hate you.

After everything you did.
After everything that is said.
After loving you.
After hating you.

Hating you so much.
Makes me loving you even more.
Still caring about every move you make.
Still caring about what you think of me.
Still thinking of the things we did.
Still thinking of the words,

I love you.