hii babes!! i'm sorry if my english is bad or this article is bad, but this is the first time i do this and i'm dutch so yeah!! i hope u don't mind :)

this article is about my fave who i have met after 2 years being a fangirl and supporting him!! he is a belguim youtuber and i really love him.

i've saw him 4 times but only met him 3 times
the first time i couldn't met him because there were so many people and it was too much for me:(

the second time i did meet him!! i can remember that is was shocked and after i meeted him i started crying really hard, he saw me crying and he smiled at me like "you don't have to cry, its okay" i love him so much omg. he is the cutest!!

the second time was really nice! he recognized me and i loved that and i'm still gratefull. he was like "hi stephany right??" and after that he said "do you wanna continue our tradition?" THAT WAS SO CUTE I CANTTTT.
oh lol i didn't tell u yet, our tradition is that we make a photo while i sit on his back! it started when the first time i was really nervous and didn't know what to say, so i just flopped that out and now its our tradition! and at last i left and i said "i love youuu and gonna miss youuu" and then he said "i love you tooo and i promise we meet soon"

the 3nd time was great too! it was my turn and he was talking to a friend of him and he saw me and smiled at me, he walked toward me and then he hugged me,he said 'hiii steph!! so nice to see you again!!' we maked a lot op pictures and videos and his friend was filming us but he didn't know how the camera works so we were laughing and its was so much fun!!

i really really miss him but i am going to see him saturday, so i can't wait!!

thanks for reading this, i hope ur going to meet your fave as soon as possible or meet him/her again!! u really deserve it xxx
love u - steph