1. favorite serie?

I can't choose, I love on my block, stranger things and greenhouse academy.

on my block, olivia, and ruby image diego tinoco, brett gray, and jason genao image Temporarily removed favorite, intelligent, and serie image

2. favorite character?

Dustin is literally me. He makes me so much laugh.

funny, gif, and stranger things image stranger things and dustin image

3. series in which you would like to play?

greenhouse academy, i like so much the academy.

greenhouse academy image

4. crush?

Barry Allen in The Flash.

the flash and grant gustin image

5. favorite wicked?


stranger things, wallpaper, and demogorgon image

6. favorite couple?

It's not a couple but I love Bellamy and Clarke in The 100.

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7. series waiting to see?

The Rain. 6 years after a virus that decimated most of the population, one brother and one sister brave the dangers to survive.

8. a character you would like to reanimate?

Allison Argent in teen wolf and Finn in the 100.

teen wolf, allison, and scott image bellamy, finn, and gif image