i was bored asf and saw a bunch of people doing this tag so i decided to d it as well.


girl, Queen, and crown image 15, fifteen, and love image

(b)est movie/series

friends image The Breakfast Club image
best series is friends and best movies are from the 80's/90's like back to the future and the breakast club


fashion, girl, and style image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
black, brown/neutral tones, white

(d)rink you last had

green, water, and plants image Temporarily removed

(e)very day starts with

iphone, flowers, and black image black, iphone, and iphone 7 image
checking my phone

(f)avourite song

evanescence, amy lee, and gif image Temporarily removed
my immortal by evanescence

(g)rossest moment

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i'd rather not talk bout it


angel, fairy, and girlie image
158 cm/5'1 ft

(i)n love with

flowers, aesthetic, and happy image aesthetic, beauty, and belief image aesthetic, withe, and earphone image 5sos, luke hemmings, and michael clifford image
music, bools, nice scenyed things, fairy lights, flowers, 5sos

(j)ealous of

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
people who find it easy to socialize with anyboy

(k)illed someone

aesthetics, black and white, and grunge image black, blood, and dark image
no... what kind of question is this?

(l)ast time you cried

Temporarily removed aesthetic, fashion, and glitter image
yesterday, last couple days have been rough

(m)agic power you want

pink, water, and aesthetic image rainbow, hand, and blue image
invisibilty or flying

(n)umber of siblings

kendall jenner, kylie jenner, and jenner image kylie jenner, kendall jenner, and jenner image
a younger sister

(o)ne wish

fans, hugs, and 5sos image luke hemmings and 5sos image calum hood and 5sos with fans image 5sos, michael, and Perth image
i wish i could meet and hug 5sos. i know it might seem stupid but they mean so much to me

(p)erson you last texted

Image removed Abusive image
my best friend

(q)uestion you're always asked

fashion, style, and white image fashion, style, and flowers image
are your lashes naturally that long?/what do you do to your hair to be so soft?/why do you have dimples? (i hvae dimples under my eyes like melanie martinez)

(r)eason to smile:

music, record, and grunge image Temporarily removed

(s)ong you last sang:

flowers, love, and fashion image Lyrics, guys my age, and hey violet image
guys my age by hey violet

(t)ime you woke up

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

(u)nderwear color

Mature image Calvin Klein, body, and fitness image

(v)acation place:

architecture, building, and palace image Image removed car, london, and photograph image london, wanderlust, and city image
i'e really been wanting to visit london

(w)orst habit

nails, couple, and goals image makeup, nails, and eyebrows image
biting my nails

(x)-rays you´ve had

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i think the only ones i've are from my teeth and wrists

(y)our favourite food

Image by ✨ food, vogue, and salad image
i don't have one

(z)odiac sign

Temporarily removed red, netflix, and aesthetic image