Holà everyone ♥
I'm going to do this or that challenge !

1. Cats or Dogs

Temporarily removed cat, cute, and animal image
cats for sure

2. Book or Movie

Temporarily removed Image removed
"never judge a book by its movie"

2. Morning or Evening

sky, pink, and window image sky, summer, and light image
evening just for sunsets

3. Tea or Coffee

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It

4. Hugs or Kisses

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
hugs are better

5. Heels or Sneakers

fashion, high heel, and high heels image fashion, high heel, and high heels image
heels, even if i can't wear it

6. Fruit or Vegetables

Temporarily removed food, morning, and yummy image

7. Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate

chocolate, food, and sweet image chocolate, pink, and food image
white chocolate

8. Tattoos or Piercings

Lyrics, tattoo, and trendy image tattoo, style, and black image

9. Fair or Theme Park

amusement, orange, and park image candy, pink, and vintage image
theme park

10. Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel

Image by BlackStar💫 Inspiring Image on We Heart It
roller coaster for sure

11. Skirts or Shorts

outfit image chic, fashion, and female image
skirts are more beautiful

12. Choker or Necklace

Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and style image

13. Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars, pll, and tattoo image pretty little liars, apple, and macbook image
oh my gosh i love love pll so much

14. Pancakes or Waffles

food, pancakes, and strawberry image Image removed

15. Dress Up or Dress Down

dress, pink, and rose gold image dress, fashion, and beauty image
dress up