Now that Coachella has ended. We have to talk about the best outfits. That's why I selected a few of my favorite outfits and I hope one day I can also go to Coachella to.

Jessie Paege

coachella, jessie paege, and fashion image coachella, colour, and glitter image
I really like the mermaid vibe of Jessie.

Loren Gray

coachella, makeup, and lorengray image blond, coachella, and pretty image
Lorens outfits was kind of basic but still so pretty and her hair buns were so cute.

Leonie Hanne

Image removed cactus, coachella, and fashion image
I really liked her bohemian outfits and her hair was just amazing.

Niki DeMartino

blue, coachella, and festival image blue hair, coachella, and colour image
The bluish outfit matched so good with her hair.

Kelsey Calemine

coachella, kelsey, and women image coachella, kelsey calemine, and style image
She looked stunning like always

Cloe Feldman

coachella image coachella, colour, and glitters image
Her glittery pink outfit was just amazing.

Sarai Jones

coachella, glitter, and orange image coachella, glitter, and red image
Her outfit on the first picture was so cool. She looked like a glittery princess.

Hope you liked this article<3
- Evi