hi guys ! Sorry its been ages since I last uploaded, been super busy. My exams are next month so here's another school post. Heart it if you want to see more. Before reading this I recommend you get yourself motivated with my last article in this series :)

Clear Your Space

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Having an organised desk space to revise in is so important. So make sure you've tidied your room and you know where all your revision materials are before you begin. I also recommend decorating around your desk with school stuff, e.g. I keep sticky notes of important information and my to do list above my desk.

To do lists

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this is the easiest and most effective way to see what you need to get done. I made mine by splitting it into different subjects, then into past papers and other methods. this allows me to see how much I need to get done before the exam.


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Plan everything you are going to do ! this sort of ties into the last one, but I definitely recommend taking 30 minutes or so to plan when your going to do everything off your to do list. for example if you know its 10 days until your exam and you have 5 past papers to do, you should plan to do one every other day. I always do this because it encourages me and I feel guilty when I don't finish everything.

Thank you so much for reading. If this article does well I'll post one of effective ways to study.

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