Hey people! We're here again! This one starts out a bit strange but that is because we were on vacation from the last week of March to early April. Overall, it's been pretty good!

We're halfway through April, Here's what happened.

  • We visited my grandparent's grave in the province
  • On April 2nd, we set off on a journey back home after an eight-day long trip to the province, where my mom grew up.
  • A couple of my friends came over and I gave them a couple of souvenirs that I bought.
  • For two days straight, I did nothing but watch YouTube all day because just in one week my subscription box had probably more than thirty videos.
  • I took a morning walk to the market with my mom and little brother.
  • I painted something!
  • Follow up to that last one, I almost drank my paint water!
  • This is random but I sent an ask to someone on Tumblr, it was for an ask game. She answered it and she was so sweet about it! She said "thank you" multiple times, she was just so nice and polite like a ray of freaking sunshine, I cannot!
  • 5 Seconds of Summer released a new song called "Youngblood" and I'm pretty sure that I had my mouth opened in shock and amazement the first time that I listened to it.
  • I rewatched all of BuzzFeed Unsolved Post Mortems because w h y n o t


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Thank you for reading! Have a fun time!

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