Just as every girl at some point of her life I too did start thinking about baby names, creating family and all that adult stuff. OK, honestly, I started about 4 years ago but that's just details...
So I thought I would share some of my favourite names with you. Some of those are known worldwide, others mostly used in my country. And because I do not want to turn this post into a BABY NAME LIST, I will give you some details on the names as well. So... shall we?

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Dante is a boy name that I have loved since forever. I can not explain why but when I think of a little boy, my son, his name is always Dante. I just love it! Sadly thought, my boyfriend does not.

The name Dante comes from Italy and it's a short form of a name Durante. The names meaning is "enduring". Dante was also a very well known Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, who wrote the Divine Comedy. For those more into cartoons, in the latest Disney movie Coco, the dogs name is Dante (and may I add that I was absolutly glowing when I heard the little boy call his dog Dante!).

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At first I didn't like this name for my future daughter. It is way too common in Slovenia for my taste. But my boyfriend sure loves it. So I chewed on it for a while (2 years to be precise) and now it has deffinetly grown on me. I can totally see myself having a baby girl named Eva.

Eva is a Hebrew, Biblical name of the first women God created. She was Adams wife. The name has different meanings but all meaning "life" - "mother of living", "to breathe", "living one". Also, 'cause I'm a Disney fan, Eva was or is a character in the movie Wall-E (Must watch it!).

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Matija (Matthias) is the second boy name I very much love. Why? Well... there was this cute guy and his name was Matija and now the name is stuck with me.

Over the world, there is many variatons of the name. In english it is Matthias or Matthew. It's a Hebrew name that means "gift of God".

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Close to Eva is the name Maja (Maya). I like the name because of it's flow and it somehow feels right to me. Sadly, the name is pretty common in my family and that kind of bothers me a lot so I will probably never choose it as my daughters name.

The name Maja comes from the name Marija (Mary) and most likely means "loved by God". The name itself also appears in the greek and roman mythology where Maja was the mountain nimf and the mother of Hermes.

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What can I say? Peter Pan. Peter Parker, Peter Prevc... I think the name Peter is just such a classic, not to common, appropriate for a baby, teenager and grandpa... It just kind of fits and I like it very much.

It is no secret that the name is Greek and it means "rock". It apprears in the Bible, many movies and my all time favourite Disney classic Peter Pan. The name also appears in the Slovenian war movie called Don't cry, Peter.

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Slovenian version of Hannah, ladys and gents'. I have no special reason for liking this name. Honestly. It has a good vibe, it's simple, feminine, loving and charming and my boyfriend happens to like it so that's a plus. I can easily imagine my daughter being Hana.

Hana is a girl name that has multiple meanings. In Arabic it means "bliss, happiness", in Hebrew it means "grace, lovely, affection". All beautiful meanings behind it.

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For now, this will be it. My sweet sunshine of a boyfriend is on his way with my pizza so I am finishing it here.

Hope you guys liked the names and I will be adding some pretty soon.
Love, UršKa