After my last article about feminist songs I realized that I did not include all the ones that I wanted to include. There was one in particular that I forgot and will now put at the beginning of this list. ๐Ÿ˜

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This time I am going to include songs in German too. But don't worry I am going to translate my favourite parts from the songs. Hope you enjoy. ๐ŸŽง

Bea Miller - S.L.U.T.

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We gotta learn to stick together/ Love your color, gender or whatever/ 'Cause your happiness don't need a censor

Jennifer Rostock - Hengstin

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Tiefe Stimm'n erheben sich, gegen dich, knebeln dich/ Doch wer nichts zu sagen wagt, der spรผrt auch seine Knebel nicht/ deep voices raise, against you, gag you/ but if you don't dare to say something, you don't notice your gag

Ich glaube nicht daran, dass mein Geschlecht das schwache ist
I don't believe that my gender is the weaker one
ich glaube nicht, dass mein Kรถrper meine Waffe ist
I don't believe that my body is my weapon
ich glaube nicht, dass mein Kรถrper deine Sache ist
I don't believe that my body is your business

ich bin 'ne Hengstin
I'm a Hengstin (female stallion, saying that she is a strong woman)

If you are unconformable with a bit of nudity (although I really like the music video), watch this one: ๐Ÿ–—

Janelle Monรกe - PYNK

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So, here we are in the car/ Leaving traces of us down the boulevard/ I wanna fall through the stars/ Getting lost in the dark is my favourite part

SXTN - Er will Sex

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Ich bin zu fรผr dich/ Weil du 'ne Hure bist!/ I'm unavailable (closed) for you/ Because you're a (man-)whore!

Er will Sex
He wants sex
Du willst mich f+cken
You want to f+ck me
Aber du darfst das nicht, weil ich es verbiete
But you're not allowed, because I forbid it
Ich bin zu fรผr dich!
I'm unavailable (closed) for you!
Du will an meine Titten
You want my tits
Aber du darfst es nicht, weil ich es verbiete.
But you're not allowed, because I forbid it

Hijabi (Wrap My Hijab) - Mona Haydar

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All around the world/ Love women every shading/ Power run deep/ So even if you hate it/ I still wrap my hijab


Mona Haydar - Dog (ft. Jackie Cruz)

โ€œEach time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.โ€
โ€• Maya Angelou
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