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okay so i think my obsession with clothes started when i was pretty little. when i was about 6 years old i started dressing up as disney princesses, in horrible plastic high heels and feather boas. all my relatives gifted me costumes so that was all i did, while dancing to 90s music on cd mixes my parents played on the portable cd player.

when i was in primary school i basically wore whatever my parents bought me, although there was this one turquoise cardigan i was obsessed with that i still have in the back of my closet. lots of stripy long sleeves and long skirts.

it was when i got to middle school (of course) that i started having phases. when i was in year seven (11 years old), all i wore was this one black puffer jacket, leggings, longsleeve t-shirts and pom pom hats. INSIDE!!! well, i deserved the teasing i got for THAT.

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literally had the exact leggings on the first photo to the left.

in year eight i wore this one red duffel coat like there was no tomorrow, jeans, and a pair of sorta dead, very worn black converses. pretty cute, to be honest. lots of navy, yellow, red. my little sister has the jacket and the converses now, which is kinda sad, but i guess it's okay. i don't think i'd suit that style anymore anyways.

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like this outfit, substituting the button-up blouse for a knit sweater, and minus the purse. i wasn't (and still am not) that fancy.

in year nine i discovered the internet. i mean, you can take a guess at what a thirteen-year-old-kinda-nerdy-harry-potter-fan would take an interest to in 2016. it isn't too difficult. i started buying loads of tees and sweatshirts with geeky quotes across the front, and loved storedogdog with all my heart, although i only ever ordered two t-shirts from it. i was too scared to even think about wearing the tennis skirts they displayed. i also got a pair of these crazy bright navy-blue doc martens for my birthday and wore them heaps. my bottoms were always jeans.

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i had the boots on the very far right of the second picture, and all of the t-shirts lmfao

year ten was my evolution. i got into bts and kpop, and so i caught on with south korea's fashion as well as their idols. baggy striped shirts, loose button-ups, overalls, sneakers, and denim skirts was where it was at. i also got really fond of jeans with accents on them. i had a pair with red, blue and white ribbon stitched down both outer sides of the jeans' legs, a light denim pair with embroidered pink hearts in them, and some black corduroy jeans with flowers embroidered on the sides.

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and now, for my current style!! thanks to the help of conan gray, colorsclub and gokarts on youtube, i fell absolutely in love with second-hand shopping. i like to collect lots of different coats and jackets, kinda in tribute to my red duffel coat that i loved to wear i guess. i love oversized, funny-looking sweatshirts and sweaters, high-waisted jeans, patterned belts and overalls.

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i also have a collection of polo shirts and if i had the money i would buy some of the weird shoes nike has been releasing lately, or the good old-fashioned doc marten oxford lace-ups. my style now is kinda just a mixture of some of the korean fashion aspects, parts of the art hoe aesthetic, and block colours. also heavily influenced by lazy oaf and unif clothing.

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i still wanna change up my wardrobe, it's not perfect yet, but i don't think it ever will be. my tastes change so often. i'm pretty proud of myself though, i always wear what i want. i'm nervous about everything else, but for clothing i'm just confident for some reason, which is a blessing really. i hope anyone reading this can find out how to get the clothes they want without having to spend a lot of money and is able to wear it with confidence!!

here's my fashion collection if any o y'all wanna take a peek!!

thanks for reading!! ☆