Hello, my little bloom!

How has your week started? Is it a good one? Or does it need to be adjusted a bit? Nothing can resist the right song and a positive attitude. Start from those!

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So, spring is here. Trees are blooming, and new plants are peeking out of the ground, ready to enjoy a new lifetime. They are ready to be a part of our memories – sometimes to remain a wonderful background to our most magical days, and sometimes to play a main role in our lives. I don’t know about you, but seeing their colours and smelling their scent always saves my day.

This is a season in which you can do unique things. Wear exceptional outfits – those that are too warm for summer, and not enough warm for winter – enjoy a rare version of your town, and do different things that will make this spring an unforgettable one.

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So, let’s go! What I have for you today is a spring bucket list.

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Stay on the balcony

This is something that I really, really like to do. Since I was I child, I have always enjoyed to spend some time outside of my room, but still in my comfort zone. A balcony or a porch serve perfectly for this purpose. Since that frigid winter has left for his sweeter sister, you can use this chance to décor your space a bit – flowers, tiny lights, candles, lanterns, a little table with its own chairs.

I usually spend a bit of time there, in my pyjamas. I hold a cup of lukewarm caffellatte, and empty my mind. I watch the cars that run in the street under me, and the train station that I can comfortably check from my position. I can hear the announcements, if I listen hard enough.

Another thing you can do from your porch or balcony is stargazing. You can do this more easily in a smaller town than a busy city, because the lights in the streets often prevent you from seeing those in the sky. Nevertheless, spending a bit of time with a friend at night can be magical – you could end up talking about everything and nothing, and finding yourself closer than before. And if you find yourself alone there, something special is there anyway – I think that listening to calm music on your own, the universe moving all around you, can be a delightful experience.

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Rediscover nature

If you live in a city, spring is the season when you just run to your next park and spend all of your time there. You can bring some food with you, maybe some specialty cooked with some fruit or vegetable in season. You can do your homework, some work on your PC or even just relax, reading a nice book.

Something I really like to do is taking pictures of nature waking up again, such as flowers in bloom, ducks swimming peacefully in their little pond, or children having fun in their park area. You can bring your friends with you to eat your first gelato of the year, or just jogging solo to clear your mind. To each their own, in their little part of Earth.

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Visit open markets

Out of those shops! Take a breath of fresh air! You can keep on being a shopaholic in this season, too, just remember of the unreplaceable chances you have in this magic season. You can now wear a light dress, only bring a tiny bag with you and lose yourself in open markets.

I did that myself, a couple days ago. I came back home with a new handprinted t-shirt for me, a natural hand-made scrub soap for my bae, and a big, big smile on my face. Probably your town has announced a couple of initiatives for this new season. Take advantage of them! Invite your friends, have a different afternoon, have fun.

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Try new recipes & new music

Nature is awakening again, and is giving us all sorts of gifts. Even if you aren’t, try some new vegetarian or vegan recipes with fruits and vegetables that are in season. you can have fun cooking with your friends, siblings or on your own. To do it with a completely random playlist with the word “spring” in it can be a very nice experience – new tastes and new sounds, combined. You can discover that you love them, or barely tolerate them… you never know!

Give your body the healthy meals it deserves, and your soul the fun it needs!

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A new beginning

Spring is here, summer is next. Something I personally enjoy to do is update my wardrobe with a couple of new pieces. My favourite to buy in this season are sunglasses – especially the big, round ones – and funny slogan t-shirts. A fun side of this season is that its mild temperature permits you to experiment with new outfits, or wear again something that you really enjoyed last spring.

So, what is essential to do this spring is to have fun, live healthy, enjoy your freedom.

Have a nice Monday, a nice week, a nice spring, a nice life! And remember that you are the only one to have the power to make them wonderful.

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