Sometimes we forget to evaluate why events, challenges, and opportunities occur in our lives. We don't understand why it happened yesterday, why it happened today and what is going to happen tomorrow. Every day is the beginning of a new opportunity and if an opportunity did not go as expected, make sure to remind yourself that there IS A REASON for it.
Something better and bigger is going to come your way and maybe the opportunity you were hoping to happen at a certain time or day just was not in your cards. And that's okay. The universe or God wanted to build you stronger, mentally or physically for the opportunity that is meant to happen particularly for YOU.

Stay optimistic, try to observe the things from two perspectives and I assure you it will make sense. Everything will fall into place on its own time, time that coincides with your life. Not anyone else's. ✨
With that being said, don't try to rush things to happen, just breathe and relax. Have faith that things will fall into place.✨