Hey new friend, why don’t you come over?
We can paint our nails a pretty red
Let’s pillow fight trough out the night
Make memories till the sun is waving hi to us

Relax away on my bed, play some music
Let me play with your hair
Maybe have midnight dessert
I don’t know about you, but I could go for some vanilla cake

Some people say screaming is the best way
To relieve stress
Want to try it till our throats go sore?
By the way I like your shirt
Can I wear it tomorrow when the night ends?

Please say yes
Let’s be girls together
Put behind the mistakes
Put some Netflix on instead
Tell me about your favorite character
About the chill that runs through your body
Just by hearing his name

Let’s have a sleepover
It could be great
We can dance through the night
Ed Sheeran can play on the background
Having the best of time