Dear John,
I’m writing this letter for you, my own John Tyree. I really don’t know where or how I should start this, or if our story will ever pass as a sequel for Nicholas Sparks’ Dear John part two. Is this a “good bye”, “hoping you’ll come back someday”, or an “I’ve finally moved on” letter? The truth is, I actually don’t know. All I know is that it’s 12 am and I am here feeling all the things I shouldn’t feel and missing all the things I shouldn’t miss. I miss you, so much. It’s been two years, two years since I left your heart broken, two years since I saw you cried for the last time, yet, I still can’t help but miss you. The feelings actually never left me, and all the memories we had and all the things we shared still hunts me every single day. It really is hard to forget someone if they were able to consume every piece of you. Yes, you consumed me, my John. Every single piece of me. Thank you for enlightening me what true love really meant. It wasn’t all bouquet and flowers, but none of those things will ever compare to the love that you gave me. Ours was pure, raw and true. I’m not hoping you’ll come back to me because the truth is, I will never deserve someone like you. You, you love so hard and so much and you deserve to give that to someone who can love you like you do. While me? I gave you the minimal, I’m so indecisive and I can’t make up my mind on things that’s why it broke us apart. It was me who ruined us. No one will be another you, you have this space in my heart no once could ever replace. I can’t help but long for you, and I know to myself that there’s still a tiny little hope and a tiny little flame like a match that’s been lit up inside of me, that’s why a part of me is hoping, hoping and praying that you’ll come back to me. But if you don’t, I will still be grateful because out of all the seven billion people in the world, I had the chance of meeting you. And I wouldn’t trade our moment for the world. So thank you, John.