People, there is so much ways that you can see people as. I like to think people are like candles. Sometimes you get to choose the candle you want, you look at it and think,"It's pretty, i like it." Other times you dont get to choose your candle, they come as a gift. You don't really know if you'll like it, but why not? So you go and give it a try maybe then you can end up liking it. It's the same with people. Most of the time, you choose the people you want to spend your time with, they become your friends and you feel ok that way. But sometimes you don't choose them. One day you just find yourself talking to certain people, one of a kind persons you never even imagined spending time with. And if the people you chose was oc for you, this ones are even better, you manage to like those people in a way you can't imagine. They just became a gift in your life, a gift to you.

Candles are those kind of things that make you feel warm. Even just looking at them can make you feel like a sense of peace inside of you. They can make you feel like home. There are times when people makes you feel that way, and that feeling it's so nice that you just want those people to last forever. Sadly, candles don't last forever, they will eventually all burn out. You can always make them last, not use them, just smeel they beautiful aroma every once in a while, but what's the point of having a candle if you can't light it up? Or you can let it be, Watch their flames, and enjoy it while you have it. Some will last longer than other, and even there are ones that can last longer than expected. And when the time comes you will feel sad because you really managed to like that candle, doesn't matter if you chose it or if it was a gift, but, it's gone and there's nothing that you can do about it. But as beautiful as it is a candle, things can always go wrong. If you can let it be, you always have to take care of it, because if you leave it alone, just a couple of minutes can make a big difference. In those couple of minutes it can burn everything put, turn all of it into ashes, leave with nothing.

And just like people sometimes you need other for you to be as bright as a yellow flame, sometimes you'll need the help of another flame so you can, just like a candle, light they way back home, shine in the darkness of other ones that don't want to feel alone.