It turns out that until a few days ago I did not understand the difference between Imagination and Illusion.
I wanted to share my own experience to help them if they are in a situation similar to mine.

I hope I can help you, seriously.

I hope not to bore you with my story. I will try to make it as short as possible.

But first I want to give a little definition of what imagination and illusion is.


Ability to conceive innovative ideas, projects or creations.

art, creative, and sky image

Hope, with or without real foundation, to achieve or to happen something that is desired or pursued and whose achievement seems especially attractive.

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It turns out that in the dance studio that I attend we will do Peter Pan, we already did it several times and since I was little I always dreamed of being Wendy.
And now that I have the chance, the idea of ​​being one got in my head, I want it. Never want something with so much strength, but this desire comes with fear.
It has happened to me before, that things did not go as I would have liked them to happen and ended up destroyed, with a broken heart, I was disappointed.

The problem is that desire should never be related to fear, and the universe will not give me what I really want if I am afraid, because fear is not good at all. Obviously.

I should feel that I really deserve that role and that if they do not give it to me then it is for some reason and that everything is fine. I'm happy, nothing bad happened. It just did not have to be and something better will come, do you know why? Because I deserve it. Because I do things with passion and I'll be honored to do any other role they give me.
I hope you have not boring them.

Thanks for reading everything, it means a lot.