Hello everyone!
I have not used this social network for some time. It was a week ago that I entered, and only because I needed images to work with Photoshop for the university. I saw the new whi tool and I thought it was great to be able to write these articles.
I decided to write this article, as a way to keep my thought of the moment and in a few months read it again.
I always dreamed about my future, I know what I want to do, how and when. What I had blurred was the "What can I study?", I see it as that answer to what will I do professionally for the rest of my life? (I exaggerate with "the rest of my life"). Choosing what to study is complicated. I don't like to fail, I couldn't start something and leave it in the middle.
Many people know what they are going to do. I also thought I knew. I wanted to be many things: veterinary, writer and editor.
Today, I study Social Communication and Audiovisual Communication. And I couldn't be happier for my choice.
I really love what I study.
I feel a multitasking within the world of communication. I feel like I'm in the place I have to be.
No distractions and studying hard to get the best grades.
I feel proud of myself.
In a next article, I will detail my work done so far.

XOXO, cherrygirl (laughing)

I miss watching Gossip Girl.