Hello everyone! Recently I made a playlist on my cellphone of KPop songs that help me to fall asleep and relax when I go to bed or when I’m just really stressed, so then I had the idea of sharing my playlist here. I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do and have sweet dreams 🌸

~D.ear & Jaehyun - “Try Again”
~Jimin - Serendipity
~ZICO - She’s a Baby
~EXO - Sweet Lies

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~EXO - She's Dreaming
~TEN - Dream In A Dream
~BTS - Stigma

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~Crush - Fall
~BTOB - Dreaming
~DEAN - instagram
~DEAN, Gaeko - D (half moon)

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~K.Will - Please Don't
~TIFFANY - Yellow Light
~JUNHO - Instant Love
~G-DRAGON - Untitled, 2014

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