This is my last summer as a teen! I turn twenty this year and of course I am excited but homies... this means that I am going to be a whole ass adult by the end of this year. Do you think that a minute into my twenties that I'll have on turtle neck, coffee and cig in my hand, and complaining about the mainstream media?? Shit, I hope so! I want to make this a good summer, the last summer of my teen years. This is my summer bucket list and I will try and update you guys as I accomplish them! So here it is:
~Go to at least 3 concerts
~ Go to New York
~Get license (I know I'm old and I don't have one)
~Get another tattoo
~adopt or get another pet
~Attempt to go blonde
~Throw a themed party (get plastered)
~Make the perfect playlist
~Go to a Nats game
~Find aesthetic for bedroom
~Get bangs???
~Get banged.
~Say "Yes" a lot more.