Hi, I'm a little new to this social network and this is my first article and I hope you like it ;))
I have some songs that I have listened to lately and they make me very happy and if you have not listened to some of them, listen !!!

1-All These Things That I Done-the killers

2-Smile Like You Mean It-the killers

3-Somebody Told Me-the killers

4-I Write Sins Not Tragedies-panic at the disco

5-The Ballad Of Mona Lisa-panic at the disco

6-Read My Mind-the killers

7-Thnks fr th Mmrs-fall out boy


9-Holding On To You- twenty one pilots

10-Kanye-the chainsmokers
I hope you like the songs !!! I have a playlist with these songs and a few more, I'll leave the link here for anyone who wants to listen https://open.spotify.com/user/xguidutra/playlist/1qlO9LUuUrqKavRl7koNcx?si=G_drFWPsR8SAE8MUfBsfcA

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