Not everyone is able to spend $500 for a clothing item, so here's a couple tips to look luxurious on a budget!

*Shop at Forever 21*

When wanting that lux look, one of the best ways is to add minimalist jewelry, and Forever 21 has a huge selection of these items for pretty cheap. Along with jewelry, Forever 21 tends to have a ton of cheap but fashionable statements, and basics.

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*Stick to neutral colors*

Straying away from bold colors and prints can help your look turn out more chic and simple, but also helps with the look of the piece. Something with a pattern is perceived as cheap, but a neutral color sweater looks expensive to the untrained eye.

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*Invest into a few high end items*

Invest in those few pieces you know you'll wear/use a lot. I'd suggest buying a purse or an accessory when you go for buying those high end items, you tend to get more use of it and can wear it every day, getting the most out of it.

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*Find Dupes*

Don't feel like breaking the bank by investing in an expensive purse or watch? Find its dupe! Same goes with makeup, there are tons of dupes of designer pallets with similar, or even better quality.

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*Pay attention to fabric*

Many stores such as Forever 21 and PacSun have trendy clothing for cheaper, but while shopping there pay attention to the fabrics you're choosing. For instance, if you buy something silky or faux fur it'll automatically look ten times luxurious than a cotton tee.

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