The Dragon's Kindred Spirit is the Sequel to The Dragon Hunter's Daughter

Chapter Six

Maximus was able to use his magic to create a tent-like canopy over Lux. I was watched closely by Mariona as I struggled toward Lux.
“You’re awake,” I whispered, tears still stuck to my cheeks. Lux huffed in my face, nuzzling my side.
“I like you with scales,” Lux murmured.
“Are you going to take them back now?” I rubbed his cheek, the skin feeling thin beneath my fingers. “You’re vulnerable.”
“Do not worry,” he closed his eyes and I watched as scales around my hands began to disappear, reappearing around his claws. “I will be returning it to myself over the next couple days.”
“It? You mean ‘them’, right?”
“Yes, of course,” Lux clarified, flashing me a small toothy smile. “Everything will be fine.” I sighed, sagging down as thumping feet sounded behind me.
“Lia? What happened?” my friends appeared in front of me, their faces incredulous at my appearance.
“I’m fine, I promise,” I said, weakly. They sat down on the ground beside me, their dragons gathering around Lux. Scales slowly slid away, one by one as I filled in my friends on what had occurred during my detainment. “I hope Lucy is alright,” I mumbled to myself, rubbing the skin on my hands. Lux soon laid his head down beside me and fell asleep. The scales stopped disappearing and I turned to see when Lux had been able to return to himself. My arms had all the scales removed and Lux had replaced them on to his front two paws.
“Do you know why this happened?” Kelsey asked.
“No idea,” I looked at Lux, my brow furrowed. “I think Lux should be able to tell me.”
“We’re just glad you’re back,” Justin smiled and the rest of my friends nodded. I smiled back, but internally knew I would be recovering for a long time.
Months in the dark separated from my dragon would not be something I would get over, overnight.
“Liona!” My mother ran outside, collecting me in her arms. I relaxed slightly, relieved my family was alright.
“Is everyone else here as well?” I asked, looking around.
“Yes, but they’re out getting supplies,” Mom explained. She held my face in her hands, brushing my scales. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” I said briskly, trying to pull a genuine smile on my face. “Lux will be taking back his scales over the next couple days.”
“That’s not what I meant,” Mom whispered and I lowered my eyes.
“Yes,” I answered, standing to get away from her. “I’m hungry. I’m going to get food.”
“Of course. You probably haven’t had a good meal in forever,” Tevan said, looping her arm around my own and pulling me toward the cafeteria. My eyes continuously flickered back to Lux, terrified to leave him alone.
I stacked two plates full of food, stuffing myself to the brim. Soon after I was finished, I ended up throwing everything back up in a trashcan, my body not used to the amount of food. I returned to the cafeteria and got a much smaller meal and was able to hold it down. I finished quickly so I could return to Lux who was still in the same position I left him.

“You look terrible,” Tyler sidled up beside me on my walk back to Lux. I crinkled my nose in distaste but remained silent. We got close to Lux and Tyler stopped as I continued on. “I’m glad you’re okay,” Tyler said softly, before I listened to him walk away. I curled up beside Lux, watching the Argonite students practice their flying maneuvers and the remaining creatures of Skylop walk around. Everyone who passed would glance our way in curiosity, but no one dared approach.
I’m sure the look on my face kept them away.
I felt Lux shift beneath me and I turned, seeing his eye blink lazily at me. I regarded him for a moment, deciding it was time to ask,
“Lux, what did you do to us?” I placed a hand on his side, feeling the soft rise and fall of his breath.
Lux closed his eye for so long I began to assume he fell asleep. But then, he spoke, “I was protecting you.”
I frowned, “I was fine. I am fine. I know there is more to it than that.”
“I cannot tell you why or how,” was his answer. My frown deepened as I pressed for answers. Lux continued to withhold the information from me, making my frustration grow, until I snapped.
“Kelvin almost killed me to try and find out what you were doing!” I screamed. The people in the surrounding area became silent at my outburst.
“Liona, please—”
“No! Tell me what’s going on Lux! I had all your scales! That’s not something that just happens!”
“No,” Lux growled, the earth shaking. I growled back as we glared at each other, both of us too stubborn to back down.
“Fine,” I spat, standing. “I will not be kept out of the loop anymore, Lux. We have to communicate; I have to know these things.” I walked away when Lux just stared at me, refusing to speak.

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