Hola, yes
me again.
Today I come to tell you that my day was a total shit.
Has not it happened to them that they feel shit with themselves for being the way they are?
Today I am sad. For being as I'm, for every part that shapes me.
I was looking in the mirror for 6 minutes and I just realized each of the imperfections that I have, and I don't like a single part of me. I'm ugly and I admit it, I'm not proud at all.
I hate how my legs look so thin, my arms thin, my feet, my thighs, my hips, my neck, and every feature of my face. I had time without feeling this way. Beautiful people don't have the right to feel ugly, they are lucky to be beautiful, many of us are unlucky enough not to be. I'm an insecure, rude, bad-tempered and ordinary person. I don't know how someone fixes on me, when he is wonderful and precious in all aspects, he even needs me to write a complete article.
Well up here, i don't know if they really read this or what, but again I recommend melancholic songs to suffer with me.
The night we met - Lord Huron.
Helium - Sia.
Ophelia - The lumineers.
Meet me in the hallway - Harry Styles
Jet black heart - 5SOS.
Johnny boy - Twenty one pilots
Goner - Twenty one pilots.
Warrior - Aurora.
This is all up to today, I'm disgusting writing.
luck in your life, and don't think they are disgusting like me, you are magnificent, don't let them say otherwise.
don't read this xoxo