Here I am, on any given day. Drinking coffee in front of my laptop, trying to find myself. I dream with a fulfilled life. I feel the pain of repressed emotions and the lack of the pieces that were taken from me. I'm alone, it's always been this way. There's an abyss between other people and me. While they are living, I run away to my own world, a world of dreams and ridiculously grandiose ideas.

What is it that one searches? The answer to all the questions? The meaning of life? The happiness, the love, the truth? Looking for these answers, I found Meditation (from Osho's perspective). And I want to talk about that.

Meditation is consciousness, that is, being aware. The human being lives dreaming, suffering from creations of his own mind and does not pay attention to what he is doing. It is a world of illusion. Truth is in the present, in the here and now. In the presence, there is no suffering, because you are really living. Everything is what it is. Suffering belongs to dreams.

To meditate, it only takes one thing: observation. It is the simplest, but most difficult thing. Do nothing, just observe - do not think, do not concentrate, do not fight against your mind, do not judge a thought. Let the thoughts pass like a movie, without getting involved. Become a witness, watching everything from the top of a mountain. Gradually, you become more calm and silent, in the way to meet yourself and the cosmos.

You are free to observe everything. Your thoughts, your breath, your body, the environment around you or anything else. When we observe something, we also observe ourselves. You also don't need an specific position, just sit or be comfortable.

If you get distracted in the middle of meditation, clinging to some thought or some emotion, there's no problem, it's normal. Do not be nervous or sad, just gently come back to observation.

It is possible to meditate all the time. After you learn how to just be, you can do it while living your life. Just watch what you're doing, do everything with conscience. That's the only thing you need to master, to find what you're looking for.

Meditation brings many benefits to physical and mental health. You can become a loving, responsible, spontaneous person, among other things. But, above all, it is the path to evolution and transcendence of the being. When you get the hang of it and become a total observer, you will connect with the whole. With love, happiness, compassion, wisdom. You will heal. You will come home.