wassup y’all! so basically i used to have an ari fp on ig from 2013 till like mid 2016 and a theme i had on there for a while was ariana facts. here are 50 that i remember:

1. she doesn’t have a middle name; her full name is ariana grande-butera.
2. her birthday is june 26, 1993
3. she was born in boca raton, fl
4. she’s of italian descent
5. she was born on a saturday
6. her fav childhood movie is the wizard of oz
7. she became vegan on november 5, 2013, describing her first day as a vegan “joyous”
8. her biggest turn off is jealousy
9. she spent her 16th birthday in paris
10. she joined youtube on january 21, 2007. her username was osnapitzari
11. she’s afraid of the dark
12. she said her spirit animal is a seahorse
13. she was originally gonna name her second album “black & white” instead of “my everything”
14. she has an innie belly button
15. her fav color is yellow
16. she’s never smoked / done any drugs and says she never will
17. when perez hilton falsely accused her of drug use, she almost sued him
18. she was stood up on her first date
19. she loves baking
20. her number was leaked twice on livestream, one time accidentally by jennette mccurdy, and another time by herself
21. she says she’s very ticklish
22. she loves gloomy / rainy days
23. her zodiac sign is cancer, and she says the sign she’s most compatible with is pisces
24. she’s never had a twinkie before
25. her instagram username used to be arigrande before she changed it to arianagrande
26. she loves gardening
27. she prefers the show “sex and the city” over “grey’s anatomy”
28. she dislikes nash grier
29. her older brother, frankie grande, is about 11 years older than her
30. dubstep is her least fav genre of music
31. the dress she wore in the “put your hearts up” music vid is worth $369
32. one of her school teachers described her as the “school clown”
33. she believes in karma
34. she loves british accents
35. she loves theme parks
36. her favorite topping is rainbow sprinkles
37. she’s broken her left wrist 4 times
38. the song “baby i” was originally written for beyonce
39. she doesn’t like candy corn
40. she’s right handed
41. she thinks afterlight is the best editing app
42. she’s hypoglycemic (has low blood sugar)
43. big sean is whispering the chorus in “problem”
44. she’s a size 6 in shoes
45. she loves watermelon
46. her favorite book series is harry potter
47. she’s a slytherin (harry potter reference)
48. her natural hair is curly and dark brown
49. she dislikes mayonnaise
50. she loves shopping at whole foods

das it! hope y’all enjoyed 💞💓💗💖💘💝