Based on the characters from the musical Hamilton, not the actual historical figures

better, can, and do image
Temporarily removed fashion, handsome, and hugh dancy image
Alexander Hamilton
quotes, challenge, and change image
Temporarily removed Image removed
John Laurens
world, change, and quotes image
male model and yellow image tattoo image
Hercules Mulligan
Temporarily removed
black lives matter, blm, and theme image fashion, freckles, and style image
Marquis de Lafayette
quotes image
beautiful, cute guy, and model image books, home office, and workspace image
Aaron Burr
book, red, and aesthetic image
march and love image Image removed
Eliza Schuyler
beautiful and beauty image
black power and melanin image angel, france, and girl image
Angelica Schuyler
Image removed
actor, african american, and michael b jordan image suit, boy, and man image
George Washington
Temporarily removed
beauty, hair, and makeup image awsome, be, and fashion image
Trans! Thomas Jefferson
Temporarily removed
black and man image Temporarily removed
James Maddison
crown and royal image
Image removed Temporarily removed
King George
Temporarily removed
quotes, words, and amavi image Temporarily removed
Maria Reynolds
timothee chalamet and boy image
boy, grunge, and guy image aesthetic, black, and book image
Philip Hamilton
art, aesthetic, and painting image
Temporarily removed Image removed
Peggy Schuyler
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