Helloooooo, my name is Diana and I watch a lot of KDramas. Just know that when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!! Here are a few of my favorites along with a terrible summary :) This is no way an order because I cannot rank my favorites. I've also included trigger warnings but my mind went blank while writing some of these. I'm so sorry if these seem repetitive but they are indeed the best KDramas.
Descendants of the Sun

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This is a medical based drama that has a lot of exciting events happen. It's almost never quiet in this drama as it is constantly changing. I personally have watched this multiple times. They also include what it's like to be in the army...kind of? Song Joong Ki is such a cutie and definitely fitted his character so well!

TW: guns, violence, blood, possibly more?

Boys Over Flowers

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This is a classic, must watch!! This relates to the business scene so best believe there are some cute chaebols. I've also watched this multiple times, one of the times was even a Vietnamese dubbed one. This is a typical case of KDramas, but I loved it.
TW: bullying, suicide, possibly more?

While You Were Sleeping

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There are so many plot twists in this KDrama and I was always on my toes. The main characters are a reporter and a prosecutor. Can I just say, I love prosecutors? I got second lead syndrome in this KDrama because I also love police officers, not very surprising but it's true. It's so cool how they can have dreams about the future, I wish I could do that.
TW: violence, murders, possibly more?

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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This KDrama had a strong woman lead and I LOVED that!! She's so strong, I wish I could be like her. The main characters in this are Do Bong Soon, the strong girl, and another chaebol. Park Hyung Sik was very good at his role, he seemed very soft. I had second lead in this drama too because Ji Soo was a police officer. How could I possibly deny that? She finds herself in the middle of some psychopath's plan and as a bodyguard.
TW: kidnapping, violence, possibly more?

W: Two Worlds

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There are two different worlds in this drama yet they take place at the same time, so practically like an alternative universe. However one of the worlds is actually a comic, that the main character's dad happens to draw. This is a romance, action-packed KDrama with many twists and turns. It does also include medical scenes and frustrated me A LOT, not because of the medical scenes of course.
TW: violence, blood, guns, possibly more?

My Secret Romance

my secret romance image

Can I just say right now, I love Sung Hoon a lot. A nutritionist-to-be and another chaebol, oops, have a one night stand in a car, ooooOOOooo. She leaves the next morning, without a trace, except for a single bra pad of course. They meet years later as an employer and a nutritionist. I honestly had second lead syndrome here too, sigh.
TW: can't think of any atm?

Wednesday 3:30 PM

Corea, kpop, and vixx image

I absolutely fell in love with these characters. It is said that girls look the most tired in the middle of the week, specifically at Wednesday 3:30 PM. The main lead gets dumped, and her old friend needs a place to stay. So they decide that he will take her on a date every week on Wednesday, so she can post a picture on Instagram. In the end, if their plan succeeds, she will get her ex back.


These are a few of my favorites, I will be back with 7 more KDramas :)

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