I have my head in the clouds and my name printed on a birth certificate ,written on a paper, proof of my existence and promise of my life service here on earth. Seemingly I'm here, yet my soul is parted in two. Between the clouds and the ground i still wonder to be found. For what do i leave up for . For what greater purpose should i bow for... yet still and i don't know.
I search and search and each day grow. I breath ,i feel but still and i dont know. But something keeps me going ,a feeling deep inside ...that life is not to be figured out ,that life means to live...and each day fall and each day stroll back to wear i parted from. And each day try while each day cry ,broken to find my self again.

My identity is written but to me it is unknown. I don't know the destination nor the places that I'll go. Solemnly the fact that the stars upon the sky and the sound of the sea and the feel of rain falling and the light breeze on a summer's day , form a smile on my face and leave a sweet taste on my lips...like i was been kissed by life herself. And then i know...
I have to keep going and experience the goods of life. Life is nothing more than a journey. So when i go I'll take with me the memories, of how it is to live in a world so small yet full of wonders.

-My thoughts...my words...my soul