Hii hello! I hope you´re having a wonderful day. 🌻

I was tagged by the sweet girl, Paulien to do the #MyNameInPersonalities challenge. You can find her amazing article and profile here;

I´ll do my best to stay true to myself,

🌱 Hopeful

Temporarily removed dark, inspiration, and light image
someone who inspire hope, believing in the better

🌱 Emotional

fashion, sweater, and girl image forest, inspiration, and nature image
someone who show emotions easily

🌱 Loving

nature, forest, and tree image makeup, gold, and make up image
someone who shows love and great care

🌱 Empathic

flowers, plants, and green image deer, animal, and nature image
someone who shows an ability to understand and share the feelings of another

🌱 Natural

beach, grey, and indie image art, faery, and photography image
somone who is attracted to or prefers the natural

🌱 Aesthetic

art, painting, and John Singer Sargent image flowers and nature image
someone who is concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

this was a really fun challenge, thank you if you read this far!
i want to tag some wonderful girls,

ʟʏᴅs ✩
ʟʏᴅs ✩