question : Who created the creator?

the answer is simple … one of the characteristics of the creator itself is that he is not created … If the creator was created it automatically means it’s not the creator. God is eternal ,without beginning or end..

as a Muslim i believe God is eternal ,without beginning or end, and is thus a Unique Being who has no equal. Surah 112 of The Noble Quran :

{ He is God, the One and only God (1) the Eternal, the Absolute. (2) He begets none, nor is He begotten }

Fully accepting the oneness of God is to accept that He is distinct from everything else. It would not suit God’s majesty and glory to associate the limited attributes of His creation to Him because He is not restricted in any way, while His creation is. He is the First with no beginning and the Last with no end. Everything in the universe was created by His will. He is not confined by space or time and He is the only One who is in control and provides for His creation..

Did God Become Man ?
“ The claim that God became man is also an absurdity. It is not befitting of God to take on human characteristics because it means that the Creator has become His creation. However, the creation is a product of the creative act of the Creator. If the Creator became His creation, it would mean that the Creator created Himself, which is an obvious absurdity. To be created, He would first have to not exist, and, if He did not exist, how could He then create? Furthermore, if He were created, it would mean that He had a beginning, which also contradicts His being eternal. By definition creation is in need of a creator. For created beings to exist they must have a creator to bring them into existence. God cannot need a creator because God is the Creator. Thus, there is an obvious contradiction in terms. The claim that God became His creation implies that He would need a creator, which is a ludicrous concept. It contradicts the fundamental concept of God being uncreated, needing no creator and being the Creator.

Man is a finite being (i.e., creation). Man is born, and he dies. These are characteristics which cannot be attributed to God because they equate Him with His creation. Therefore, God did not and will not ever become man. On the other hand, man also cannot become God. The created cannot become its own creator. The created at one time did not exist. It came into being by the creative act of a Creator who always existed. What is nonexistent cannot make itself exist.” [1]

Everything other than God comes into existence by the commandment of God, not that God becomes His creation or a part of God becomes creation. God does not become His creation nor does God give birth to creation.

God is God, the Creator, and man and the contents of the universe are His creation. Although humans cannot grasp the concept of creation from nothing, that is exactly what God did and does. He alone creates from nothing, which first among the attributes that make Him unique and distinct from His creation. His act of creation is entirely different from that of human beings. This was the essence of the message of all the true messengers and prophets of God sent to humanity — Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad — as well as those sent throughout the world whose names are now unknown to humanity — may God’s peace and blessings be on them all. God states in the Quran for those who make Him like His creation or vice versa:

{ There is nothing similar to Him } { The Quran 42:11 }

He also states for those who attributed to Him a son :

{ It is not fitting for the Most Merciful to have a son } { The Quran 19:92 }

He further states for those who believe that He created the world from Himself: “ If He wishes anything to exist, He merely commands it: ‘Be’, and it is.” { The Quran 36:82 }

For the polytheists He states :

“ There was no other god along with Him, for if there were each would have taken away what he created and tried to overcome the other.” { The Quran 23:91 }

He asks the atheists : { Did nothing create them or did they create themselves? } { The Quran 52:35 }

And in reference to Jesus and his mother, Mary, Peace Be Upon Them, He confirmed their humanity by saying simply :

{ They both used to eat food } { The Quran 5:75 }

The most important idea which needs to be understood, is that God did not become man. God is unique; He alone deserves to be worshipped by His creation. To believe that a man is God or that a man became God and to worship that man is the greatest sin. correct belief must be translated into practice, and not merely remain in the realm of knowledge, for it to become pure faith. A person has to live a righteous life based on the correct belief to attain salvation. Nevertheless, the starting point is, knowing who God is, knowing that God never became and will never become a human being.[2]

[1] source from : Dr Bilal Philips | Did God Become Man | Pages 13–14 |
Dr Bilal Philips : PhD Theology, University of Wales, U.K.
you can read online from here :
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