Hey Hearters,
In this article I'm going to be doing the "This or That Challenge." So lets get started.

1. Cats or Dogs

brown, chocolate, and dog image
Dogs definitely I have three.

2. Netflix or Youtube

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Netflix, even though I love watching my favorite Youtubers I still prefer a good binge of Netflix.

3. Cardio or Weights

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Cardio definitely I hate weights because I'm afraid of more muscle gain from weights and I like a Jog on a sunny day.

4. Library or Museum.

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A museum. Yes I love Books but there is not much to see in a library.

5. Summer or Winter

Temporarily removed mountains, forest, and nature image
Both I can't decide. I love the Cold Snowy winter days when you get excited for Christmas but I also love the idea in making a bucketlist for summer, the heat, the sun and long days.

6. Straight or Curly

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Curly hair for sure.

7. Alaska or Hawaii

tropical image
Hawaii I've always wanted to go.

8. Breakfast or Dinner

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Breakfast all the way.

9. Book or Movie

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Both. Book first then the movie.

10. Morning or Evening

sky and aesthetic image
Mornings I love the mornings in the Summer with all the different colors.
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